Are Websites Still Important?

by Elicio


The short answer is YES!


The value of a properly executed web site hasn’t diminished despite the rise in marketing trends that highlight the use of social media.

In fact a good website remains a fundamental piece in any brand strategy and should be looked at as an essential component in your business plan.

Elicio specializes in creating dynamic web sites that communicate your core values, supports your brand’s goals, captures and converts tangible leads, informs your audience of topics and products that are important to your business, and increases consumer trust in your company.


Why are websites still important?

With your own website it's all about what YOU get to control:

You control your data

This is important because it allows better targeting of your content. You control your narrative.

You control your content

You control the conversation by deciding what to say and where to say it. You can include more information than on social media sites and can create compelling and useful messaging that speaks directly to your visitor.

You control your brand

You can set the design that gives you the flexibility to optimize the user experience in ways that support your business model.

You control your code

You're not at the mercy of a 3rd party site. What this means is you - not Facebook - decide your site structure and theme.

If you'd like to open a dialogue with us regarding upgrading or building your new site, give us a call. We're confident that with a new, fresh website you'll see a change in how your customers see you.