Chase Carrington came to us wanting to elevate his business image through branding and a professional website. Since he was headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, he wanted an upscale brand that would communicate excellence, quality, and sophistication - something his more affluent clients would identify with. After a few rounds of thumbnails, Chase responded to an adaptation of a scripted font that displayed natural characteristics of a tree or plant. The highlighted leaf tells us that his company deals primarily with nature, while the scripted font that makes up the "C" in his name gives us an elegant and sophisticated icon that would elicit confidence and trust with his clients.


Chase is proud that his company transforms environments from the mundane to the spectacular, so for his home page we created a before and after hero image that highlights this truth. The visitor first sees an average yard, but when prompted to scroll a beautiful, lush yard is revealed along with his elegant logo and a call to investigate further. The narrative throughout his site reinforces our objective of showing potential Oklahoma City metro customers that his work, his style, and his attitude is unmatched in the area. 

In addition to a gallery that displays stunning pictures of his landscaping projects, his site now includes glowing testimonials from satisfied customers who know and speak to the caliber of work his company provides.


Carrington Landscaping now can hold their head up high as they now have branding, a website, and supporting materials that meet Chase's criteria of demonstrating to his customers - through design - the same level of competence and quality that he puts into each project.


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