Previously CNS Audio Video, CNS Productions has been one of OKC's major players in the Audio/Visual industry for the past 4 years. They came to us with the desire to be re-branded with the narrative that they not only supply equipment for events, but also work with their clients in providing creative, expert guidance - from planning-to support-to build-out, and finally executing the event itself. 



Another facet of this narrative was the importance of relationship with their clients. CNS doesn't just go in with their plan for an event, but prefers to establish a bond with their customers in order to help better understand the underlying need and heart of the client.

With this in mind, we created a brand that would instill confidence that CNS was professional, yet modern, sharp, and creative.  We came up with a brand that is both graphic and modern, without being cliche´, which is a problem for most AV companies.


For their site, we wanted to highlight that CNS would not only provide expert guidance during the process, but would encourage client inclusiveness. By creating a site that would lead the viewer down the page through storytelling (imagination, design, and implementation),

it reinforces the notion that this is a process where the customer is invited to take part.

Elicio also helps CNS by creating motion graphics for their customer's events as well as computer renderings that help their clients visualize how their space will look.

One of the requests from CNS was that we design branded graphics for proposals that would be sent out electronically. Elicio created templates that FLEX integrated into their code. Now when CNS is asked to submit a bid for an event, they can send a complete digital package that matched their other branded materials.

In addition to creating digital templates, we also created a folder that would house printed sheets that could be populated with whatever information they desired.

If you'd like to be included in our client list be sure to contact us anytime. We'd love to work with you in enhancing your visual footprint and to help increase awareness of your business.

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