Cross Timbers Consulting came to us with a desire to upgrade their image, streamline their message, instill confidence with the visitor, and to provide a platform for updated information on tribal transportation news and events.

Cross Timbers is a leader in tribal engineering and construction consulting and provides guidance and design for transportation projects all across the nation. They focus on tribes and their infrastructure needs, providing project management for roads, parking lots, bridges, etc. They are also big on training. They often say they help "navigate" the tribal transportation system, so they wanted to communicate that they are experts in their field and can help guide you through the process. With these things in mind, we set out to create a website that is professional, clear, and communicates that they are serious about what they do.


Since they weren't rebranding, we did feel like we could soft brand them through imagery, content, and style. We set the mood and created a sense of well-being at the on-set with a well placed hero image of a beautiful sunrise over territory that could be in Oklahoma, South Dakota, or even Montana. The ambiguity of this image allows the visitor to place themselves into the image, and the empty highway reinforces the idea that transportation is the main focus of the company.


Everything the visitor needs is found in a concise menu, but as they scroll down there are plenty of opportunities to get to know Cross Timbers and what they do. Immediately the visitor has a synopsis and quick access to the services they provide, an idea of the places they've been to serve and assist tribes, and an opportunity to sign-up for their informative newsletter which provides members access to events and articles. 


The color scheme is warm and carries along with it Native American meaning as well. In researching Native American symbolism, we discovered a symbol that represented brothers, or brotherhood. Because Cross Timbers partners with tribes in their transportation needs, we felt the use of this symbol was a positive way to convey that when tribes use them for their projects, they're not just hiring consultants, but brothers and partners.


Because of their successes in the tribal transportation community, we wanted to introduce a projects page which detailed their involvement in a tribal transportation need. Whenever possible we would show the project in its beginning stages, the problem that needed remediation, and the successful outcome. This puts a face to what Cross Timbers provides and shows the visitor - in a tangible way - the benefits of hiring them.

Overall we were very pleased to provide Cross Timbers with a great solution that answered their needs and created a well designed and functioning site that puts them up there as a leader in the industry.


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