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Audrey Levebvre

Elicio specializes in creative branding and marketing solutions.


Because staying current and competitive is crucial in order to keep your business thriving. It requires continuous attention and effort to keep your business relevant and foremost in your customer's mind. Your competition is doing it and sometimes it feels like you're just trying to keep up.


This becomes a burden when it takes you away from the very thing you do best. We know your time is best utilized when it's dedicated to the heart of your business. 


Elicio exists to lift this burden by creating and handling your brand so you can focus on your passion. 


Simply put, Elicio gives you the freedom to thrive. 

Elicio's mission is to empower

local businesses by

creating brands that compete

with larger companies.


Austin Warfield

At Elicio, we give you confidence by providing marketing platforms that maximize your competitive advantage. We want you to grow and succeed beyond your expectations. We lift the burden of creating your own branding and marketing strategies so you can have the freedom to do what you do best: managing your business.

After all, your passion is the reason your business exists. We know you desire growth, but you also want the time to do what you love. This is the future you want. We want that too.

That's why we say relax, we got this.



Elicio has the creativity and

knowledge to take you

from good to great

with brand and marketing

strategies that work.


Lana Wienstroer

Your problems can seem overwhelming, but you can relax knowing we offer everything you need - from creative direction and design, brand creation and integration, to social media interaction - all essential services needed to thrive in this digital world. Together they give you powerful tools to communicate who you are and how you matter to your customer.

Check out our complete list of solutions.

We're sure we can increase the visibility of your business by creating the best branding and marketing solutions that speak to your needs.


Elicio wants to be the

creative team who

takes care of you

and your brand's

visual footprint.

ēliciō verb
To draw out, entice out, lure forth, elicit;
To call down, evoke, raise;
To draw forth, produce;
fig., to extract, excite, bring out
In Roman mythology, this was the title of Jupiter, the king of the gods,
in reference to how his lightning bolt can be drawn down to Earth.
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Elicio  |  2110 N. Eastern Ave. Ste 1  |  Moore, OK 73160  |  405.900.9770

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