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Audrey Levebvre

Lustre Salon

Elicio specializes in creative branding, creative marketing, and creative website solutions.

Elicio believes branding is a very important component for the health of any business - especially in the busy world of digital and print marketing.


After all, branding affects how a customer feels when they hear or think of your company. Therefore successful branding requires a deep understanding of the desires of your customers and prospects. Elicio can help identify those desires in order to integrate a complete, creative  brand strategy that promotes impactful engagements with your customers at every point of contact.


Elicio's mission is to empower

local businesses by

creating brands that compete

with larger companies.


Amanda & Mike Wilson

Yarrowhead Farms

Elicio knows that being creative in marketing can be the difference between bringing customers to your door or watching them go to the competition.


Elicio creates stunning digital and print assets that support your brand and overall marketing strategy. Elicio designs brochures, advertisements, apparel, stationery, event, and even vehicle graphics to give your business the tools it needs to project your brand.


When the time comes to integrate your brand you will need creative people who understand how to produce eye-catching material designed to sell.



Elicio has the creativity and

knowledge to take you

from good to great

with brand and marketing

strategies that work.



Lana Wienstroer


The value of a striking and functional website hasn’t diminished despite the rise of social media.

In fact, a good website remains a fundamental piece in any brand strategy and should be looked at as an essential component in your business plan.


Elicio specializes in creating beautiful websites that communicate your core values, support your brand’s goals, capture and convert tangible leads, inform your audience, and increase consumer trust in your company.


Elicio wants to be the

creative team who

takes care of you

and your brand's

visual footprint.

ēliciō verb
To draw out, entice out, lure forth, elicit;
To call down, evoke, raise;
To draw forth, produce;
fig., to extract, excite, bring out
In Roman mythology, this was the title of Jupiter, the king of the gods,
in reference to how his lightning bolt can be drawn down to Earth.