The timing was perfect for Lana Wienstroer and Elicio to meet, because for months she had been going to real estate seminars where they stressed the importance of branding. So when we contacted her about branding she was highly motivated.​


​After interviewing her it was clear that the key to Lana's success was to communicate to those who hadn't met her yet the impression she makes on her clients. Using custom photography we set out to highlight the most valuable characteristic of this realtor, namely Lana herself. In all the materials we created for her we made sure they spoke clearly, simply, and to the point, using familiar, friendly language, as well leveraging her nickname as an easy way to remember her by.


Her previous site was cluttered and full of information that wasn't really useful, so we condensed it down to the essentials and placed her front and center. In this way we compel the visitor to pick up the phone because we knew that once they met her they would see what we saw - a down-to-earth, no-nonsense realtor who actually cares about people. 


One way to highlight these attributes was to show her in action. So in addition to the branding on her site, we went further and created a short introductory video that not only allowed her to display her friendly nature, but provided testimonials from two of her clients who felt she went above and beyond to help them.

With her Facebook posts, we created quick, informative videos as a way to convert viewers who normally skim over static images. In this way we create interest using motion, as people are more inclined to view posts of new home listings, open house invitations, and basic information if it's displayed in this manner. 

To help further her brand, we made sure that the same images appeared wherever a customer would see it - in MLS portals, listings,
her print materials, and with her social media presence. 


We also wanted to position her as not only an expert in the real estate arena, but also as a friend who wants to help those interested in home decorating, improvements, and cooking recipes. 


In the end, whenever someone comes in contact with Lana through social media, her website, business and note cards, through MLS, or even at an open house, they see a consistent look and feel which will create trust, loyalty, and confidence, and positions her as an authority in her industry. 

If you'd like to be included in our client list be sure to contact us anytime. We'd love to work with you in enhancing your visual footprint and to help increase awareness of your business.