Audrey Lefebvre was transitioning from working at a salon to owning her own place that specialized in just creating great hair. Lustre's narrative was simple: create hair that can be lived-in for people who live life. In a nutshell, create radiant hair for radiant lives.

Audrey wanted a brand that projected excellence while at the same time communicating the desire to provide knowledgeable, individual care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Therefore, the brand and tagline we created for Audrey demonstrates that she's not only a modern and technically proficient salon, but she can also be trusted to be professional and approachable. 



To further project the image as a friendly, comfortable, and down-to-earth salon, we created a web site that champions everyday people living everyday lives in hair that is both lustrous and practical.

We wanted the entire site to generate a positive feeling, so images were chosen of everyday people living everyday, active lives in hair that is not only stylish, but perfect for the lives they live.



Each section of her site showcases images of people that are not glamorous, but rather people her customers could relate to. They are people just like them, living life in gorgeous hair. In addition to these images we wanted to create sayings that spoke to how Lustre views hair as it relates to living a radiant life. This combination creates a narrative and brand image people can feel good about.

The result is a brand Audrey can be proud to display, and a website that speaks to her image and culture. 


If you'd like to be included in our client list be sure to contact us anytime. We'd love to work with you in enhancing your visual footprint and to help increase awareness of your business.

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