How I Saved Time & Money Using Web Tools

by Elicio


Clerical paperwork is often a major time sink for any business. At Elicio we help small businesses design, development and implement custom web tools to help streamline processes, reduce payroll, eliminate paperwork and save thousands of dollars per year.

Here in the Elicio office we use web tools to track many of our repetitive processes, including project status, client interactions, quote requests and billing. These web tools allow us to accurately record, process and track our day to day operations.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that web tools can supercharge your business.

Reduce Paper Cost by 97%

Elicio recently helped a labor company implement a suite of web tools, eliminating paper forms from their workflow entirely. This transformation of their processes has reduced their paper and ink consumption by 97% resulting in a savings on paper and ink of more than $5,000 per year!


Reducing paper and ink usage in your business isn’t just good for the environment, it’s great for your bottom line as well.

Never Run Out of Paperwork Again

Every business owner knows the struggle of running out of paperwork when you need it most.  


With Elicio's web tools portal you can ensure that your staff always has access to the reports they need, when they need them. Your employees can now access and file reports directly through your website.


Reduce Paper Cost by 97%

An Elicio client reduced their paper and ink consumption by 97% resulting in a savings on paper and ink of more than $5,000 per year!

Increase efficiency

Digital reports are more efficient to file than physical paperwork. You choose what information is required ensuring that staff cannot submit half completed paperwork. This guarantees the office staff receive the information they need to process the reports.


Digital files are simply easier to organize, easier to find and easier to store. Having access to all submitted reports at your fingertips you eliminate the need to dig through filing cabinets looking for that one report an employee submitted 3 weeks ago.


By streamlining the way your organization handles paperwork your business can reduce clerical overhead by hundreds of hours per year.


Track paperwork submissions

Elicio’s web tools make it easy to track who submitted a report and exactly when it was submitted. This allows you to audit your employees record keeping and ensure that they are following all policies and processes in the way reports are handled.


We all know that the more convenient a process is, the more likely people are to use it. By greasing the wheels of your filing process we can remove excuses employees may have to not properly track, report and file important information.


Track client interactions

At Elicio we use our web tools to track every correspondence we have with a client. Instead of taking notes on a sticky pad that is bound to get forgotten or lost on someone’s desk we use a tool to log these conversations.


Every business owner knows the importance of accurately tracking client interactions to ensure your business and the client is on the same page. The web tool allows you to decide what information is collected from the client, ensuring you always get the information you need to do your job.