For years, QSR Productions has excelled in providing venues with professional staffing solutions while building on their reputation of being a highly professional and ethical company - something not usually associated in this type of industry. 

When they approached Elicio they wanted to accentuate these attributes in their promotional and marketing materials, while focusing on defining their target audience. The end product was to create a brand and website that would not only appeal to the general public, but to their staff as well. To appeal to the public, we designed a brand that was clean and modern. For their site, we wanted to create a clean, corporate site that would communicate excellence and professionalism, defining their commitment to taking care of their customers at every turn.



One of their main concerns was letting the public know that they also staff corporate events, as the existing perception was that they only staffed concerts. With focused photography we designed a site and supporting print material that cover all facets of what they provide - while appealing to their target audience.


To appeal to existing and potential staff, they wanted to create brand that they could be proud of - to give them a sense of ownership. It was important that we also create a brand that spoke to energy and youth, since their staff consists of younger men and women. The new QSR brand is not only professional, but forward-leaning and sharp. Fonts were chosen that trended toward other music industry logos. Now QSR could appeal to potential employees as they have a brand that they would be proud to associate with. So when the time came for targeting the younger, prospective employee through social media, QSR had in place a brand that looked the part.

If you'd like to be included in our client list be sure to contact us anytime. We'd love to work with you in enhancing your visual footprint and to help increase awareness of your business.

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