The value of social media

In this day and age, social media is increasingly important for any small business to stay connected to and engaged with their customers. Proper social media marketing gives your business the opportunity to quickly share information with your customers and drive traffic to your website and to your door. It’s vital to the success of any small business to proactively take advantage of these tools and to create a loyal group of followers around your business.


Unfortunately, many small business owners lack the time and knowledge necessary to fully harness the power of social media, leaving your business pages devoid of engagement- driving content and your follower-base stagnate. We understand how daunting social media can be to the already overburdened small business owner.


At Elicio we pride ourselves on our ability to lift this burden off the shoulders of our client-partners. Our Social Media Marketing and Management solutions allow your business to effectively maximize the advantages of social media while not taking your time away from doing the things most important to the continued success of your business.

Because the average viewer is inundated with posts throughout the day it's important to create posts that will create curiosity and stop them long enough to read further.

At Elicio, we create brand strategies designed for maximum effect in a social media environment. It's important to properly construct posts that speak to your brand message both visually and editorially. 

Here is an example of a post created for Bella Strada's Mimosa and Massage special:

Mimosa's & Massage post




Bella Strada is a place to get pampered, relax, and forget your worries - the feeling many of us get while on vacation.

For their summer specials posts we wanted to create the feeling that they were on summer vacation at the pool or on the beach.. So we found an image of a woman poolside enjoying a Mimosa and flipped it in order to lead the eye from left to right.


Branded graphics & fonts

We did not brand Bella Strada, but we did feature consistent design elements that would run throughout their campaign, thus creating "soft-branding". This was achieved by identifying the right font to be used for their "Bella Strada" name. Using complimentary fonts and an elegant ornament, we can reinforce the upscale nature of Bella Strada.


Content creation

We were dedicated to giving Bella Strada a consistent voice throughout their campaign. We made sure that this voice projected confidence, sophistication, and a sense that you were traveling to a vacation destination that was right around the corner. We were careful that the voice matched the mood of the imagery, gave a sense of urgency, and projected value. When the copy and graphics were completed, we sent it off to the client for approval.


Brand exposure

Throughout the summer, Elicio strived to ensure that the imagery and copy would evoke a particular emotional response that compelled viewers to visit, call, or talk about Bella Strada. As you can see, the response was positive. 

Our goal is and has always been to create compelling graphics and copy that speak to - and project - your brand in a way that resonates with your customers.

If you'd like to see what we can do for your social media presence, give us a call today.

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