Lisa Anaman began her SugarMe Studio in Oklahoma City with the desire to create a salon that deviated from the normal, pretentious attitudes that accompany this type of industry, while maintaining a quality and professionalism that many come to expect from the more high-quality salons in the area.

Her previous site didn't reflect any of these qualities, so Elicio set out to create branding and a site that said friendly, yet professional.


Since Sugar Me is a salon dedicated to sugaring, massage, and spray tanning, her demographic is primarily women. So, we created a site that was organic, elegant, and soft. We also decided to reinforce that Lisa is an authority, with over 10 years of experience under her belt, so we created an FAQ section where customers could learn more about the salon experience and how their services worked. She also has connections to a local apparel shop and rather than create a cumbersome online store, we simply provided a gallery that showcased the items that are available at the salon. 

The use of black as a complimentary color gives the site a modern, contemporary look that would feel at home in Oklahoma City or New York. But the rest of the site is comfortable, clear to navigate, and reinforces the idea that Sugar Me is trustworthy and sharp.


In addition to their logo and site, Elicio fully branded Sugar Me and provided design for most of their peripheral materials such as business cards and apparel. Now when a customer comes in contact with Sugar Me the material they see is consistent and therefore recognizable.

Sugar Me is a great example of a business who, with just a little budget, can elevate themselves from appearing like a small, local salon, to one that can hold its head high as a bright, friendly, yet professional salon people can trust.


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