Located in Moore, Oklahoma, Westmoore Dental Studio is a terrific local dental office with great staff, an ambitious future plan, and a willingness to venture out and improve their image through web and social media. They approached Elicio with the desire to improve their digital footprint. And even though they didn't brand with us, they felt they could leverage Elicio's experience in creating sharp websites and "soft brand", incorporating what was already available to communicate excellence and friendly service.



Westmoore has a great photographer at their disposal, so they were able to provide us not only photography, but video that we could use for the site. The imagery was excellent - full of shots of the interior space, their state-of-the-art equipment, and plenty of their customer's smiling faces - so it was easy to exploit the friendly nature of the office through images and video. Dr. Scammahorn is the captain of this ship, so we decided to use him to brand Westmoore Dental Studio using his smiling face to communicate the tone of the customer experience.


Now when customers go to their website, a friendly face greets them, along with a repeating video of happy staff and customers. In this way the customer feels welcome and comfortable, two things not always representative of the dentist experience.

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